Very important part to consider is, when Battlezone QA first requested us to create the booking function for the website, we had to look into details of business structure in mean of packages, sub packages and more, due to the concept of battlezone QA packaging we have made our researches for the best way to make the booking feature in the website, and after trying to achieve the booking with more than 15 famous plugins around us, only Bookly (the current plugin we are using) could achieve what we been looking for in mean of Category and sub category and child category of the services that battlezone provides, and more things like direct link on click via the frontend page.. compatible with woocommerce checkout to make the used payment gateway active etc.

Then, the second requirements list was sent to us by battlezone, and we have checked them 1 by 1 carefully to find that everything you are asking for can be covered by Bookly aswell, however you as Managers of business found it complicated to deal with on the backend of website or so, then we have came with solution to build you a completely new CRM Page which is limited to the things you have asked for in requirements such as the booking management, dashboard.. calendar to show all bookings.. manual creation and so on.


Can be Covered by Bookly.

Exist in Bookly

Exist in Bookly, we can topup the bookly account to send SMS’s.

Exist in Bookly, However it must be re-organized in CRM

Will be modified as custom code, it will be synced with real time calendar of Bookly also added to CRM

We need more info regards this task, if its sharing feature, or a calendar sync with google calendar etc..

New CRM Dashboard simplified for management

Big Calendar to show all Bookings with shortcuts to manage each booking in CRM

Visual flexibility to choose which period/days/weeks/month to view in CRM.

Manually creating a booking with option to share a link to review the booking details and complete payments.

All required options will be available in the CRM to modify or manage any booking.


VIA Revolut or Bank Transfer.